Natalia Rostova

Cross-Cultural Consultant & Speaker

“I help leaders and startup founders to overcome cross-cultural differences while doing business internationally”

Maximize The Efficiency Of Multicultural Teams & Overcome Cross-Cultural Challenges

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At speaking events, I introduce practical, modern, and scientific methods to recognize cultural patterns and deal with them daily


In the workshop, I offer methods to overcome cross-cultural complexities in a multicultural workplace


Facing cross-cultural challenges while dealing with international accounts, this is where the cross-cultural consultancy can bring value

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Natalia Rostova

I help leaders and startup founders to overcome cross-cultural differences

Natalia Rostova

Being a startup founder myself

and working as a business development manager for a tech company in the Netherlands I know how complex it is to deal with different cultures in the workspace

That’s why a few years ago I started my cross-cultural education to help our team to achieve results in the international environment

Enriching my own experience with well knows worldwide studies in cross-cultural management I created practical workshops for business leaders and startup founders

Prior to working as a cross-cultural expert

I held the position of a business development manager at Pridis, The Netherlands tech company. I worked closely with Avaya and gave a presentation on its event in Germany

Cofounded SuperHome startup with partners at Demium, Spanish Incubator

I gave speeches at startup events in accelerators and published articles in leading tech industry resources like DOU.UA on cross-cultural topics.

I’m Jewish raised in Ukraine

Lived both in Indonesia and Turkey, launched a startup in a Spanish incubator while working remotely in the Netherlands. The cross-cultural experience is my life

Started my career as an English teacher, then moved to the entertainment, musical industry. Worked as a songwriter (lyricist), composer’s manager, and creative director for musical artists. I was in charge of launching creative projects in CIS countries as well as in the US.


I focus on expanding my cross-cultural experience and helping startup founders and accelerators doing business remotely with international customers

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